Fruit & Vegetable Whole Food Concentrates

January 28, 2010 by Helen Frost  
Filed under Nutrition

The value of the FRUIT & VEGETABLE CONCENTRATE in JP+ Complete is recognized as a Synergistic Blend of Wholefood Phytonutrients, Antioxidants and Folate. Peer Reviewed Research Worldwide has recognized the importance of these Nutrients in Preventing Cancers and many Degenerative Conditions such as Heart Disease, Arthritis, Inflammatory Disorders and Cerebral Degenerative Disorders. Folic Acid is essential for incorporation into the DNA strand to Prevent the formation of abnormal DNA that is the cause of Chromosomal breakage and Cancers or Congenital Malformations such as Spina Bifida.

Most of us do not receive the necessary Folate or Antioxidant intake in our daily consumption of Fruit and Vegetables.